This film/series tells the stories of two avoiding personalities who love each other but choose to avoid each other because of the feeling/fear of getting hurt by their true love. What’s funny is that instead, they keep choosing to hurt themselves with their own wrong choices and wrong people that they don’t really love, and keep living a life lie on everything over and over, avoiding to realize that they are NOT AT ALL HAPPY. Then, ONE DAY death happens, and if you are lucky enough to survive, you can wake up to realize how foolish you were to keep yourself from risking being truly happy and vulnerable to hurt yourself in the hands of your true love, your true self, and to choose to fully live your short life. This is the reality of a lot of people – not all love stories that seem to be impossible/incompatible truly are, some are just made impossible by your uncourageous/negative mind. And these series and the movie depict this reality very well. I believe that these stories are very hard to be diagnosed because most therapists only have contact with one of the lovers, never knowing or analyzing the other lover. The therapist will automatically discourage his patient to believe that it is a compatible love story because their behavior (mirrored one) is very hard to understand or to even be considered; percepted – how can someone be just an avoidant without even trying and both are doing the same? Well, guess a lot of people, sadly. These traits usually are not only avoidant in love matters but also could be “avoidant” in other life matters that are really important for them, like choosing careers they love (because of fear of failure; wrong beliefs/masked fears; or other types of fears/excuses). Still, it’s very hard to be helped because only they can help themselves. You can encourage a person to be courageous, yet the final choice is their own – choose to be true to your feelings, dreams, will, and be vulnerable to get hurt because at the end it’s important to part knowing that you allowed yourself to believe in yourself.

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